March 6, 2013

Dead Reckoning*

Beyond the end of love
Is restless waiting, scraping up bits of legacy
To flick the finger at a life
That was a reckless experiment
at meaning.

Beyond the end of love
Is the sadness of letting you down,
Who lived for love and loved me
Anyway, anyway come what came
Loved me and wasn’t 
loved as well.

Beyond the end of love
Are the doldrums of dead reckoning, 
The sum of distances traveled
From hopeful to hopeless shores —  
Periods preceding the end 
of the sentence

* - noun Navig. 
1. calculation of one's position on the basis of distance run on various headings since the last precisely observed position, with as accurate allowance as possible being made for wind, currents, compass errors, etc.
2. one's position as so calculated.
Origin: 1605–15